“I have many questions…”

Jen with her small group girls.

This past week we were able to host Bethany, one of our former students from American University to share about her ministry to Muslims in the Middle East. Following her talk, Mariam*, a VCU student who had been invited by a friend, approached her. She said, “I am a Muslim and I have many questions.” They spoke about Jesus for 30 minutes after which Bethany said, “it seems like these are more questions of the heart than the head. It will take more than one conversation to answer them.” She introduced Mariam to Jen. The next day, Jen and Mariam met and talked about Jesus for 2 hours and are planning to meet again this week.

It’s obvious that God is working in Mariam. Would you pray that she would be open to the Holy Spirit? Would you ask for God to guide Jen as she speaks with her and can you pray that the friends she has in our community would model the love of Christ to her?

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