It’s time to give thanks! The shot above was taken at the end of our Chi Alpha Thanksgiving event. It represents an amazingly diverse group of students, gathered together. They are at different places in their faith journey. Some are eagerly following Jesus, others are simply curious but they’re connected through the ministry of Chi Alpha. Holidays are times when we can sit around tables and share how God is working in our lives. It’s when Sam can share with Yourgos how his time in a small group has given him encouragement and accountability. It’s when Luis can serve Jared to let him know he’s valued. It’s where Faith can talk with Christy about finding freedom from her anxiety and Josly can encourage Bri to truly trust in Jesus. That all happened around one meal!

And all of these conversations happened in our new ministry center! We now have continual access to this incredible space in the center of Virginia Commonwealth University. Here are a couple of ways we’ve been using it.

  • Daily morning prayer
  • Weekly worship meetings
  • Monthly small group dinners
  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Launching weekly outreaches on campus
  • Holiday parties…and we’re just getting started.

You are each a big part of it! Thank you for helping to make our ministry possible through your sacrificial giving and prayer. As we approach the end of the year, would you consider making a year-end gift? With outreaches, conferences, missions trips, and construction projects planned, a special gift can help us make sure they all happen. Just click the link below to be connected to our giving page. We’re praying for God’s blessings to be upon you and your family throughout this holiday season!


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