Hungry for the Holy Spirit

She waited patiently while I talked with students following my breakout on the Holy Spirit at the Northeast Chi Alpha SALT Conference. Then she asked, “Can I lose the Holy Spirit?”  As I addressed her heart-felt question, I was struck by how this group of students was engaging the topic differently. So often when I spoke about encountering the Holy Spirit I was met with skepticism. Many of the statements were challenging, “that’s not my experience,” or were doubtful, “how do you know it’s for everyone?” This student and others like her were now asking relational questions. They were hungry to know, experience, and stay connected to the third person of the trinity–the Holy Spirit.

We saw the results. Following the two sessions Jen and I taught, many students, including those from our group, had a significant experience with the Spirit. They were filled with His power, and received comfort, guidance, and the peace that comes from knowing He is with them. What a privilege to be a part of such a significant moment in their spiritual lives! Here are a few of our students’ quotes:”God is telling me He wants to use me at my job to share His light.””I believe God is going to use us to bring people into our community so they will know Jesus!””God used me to share a spiritual gift for the first time.””I believe God is bringing revival to our campus!”The three days we spent in Philadelphia with almost 600 students, staff, and global workers was a life-shaping experience. I can’t wait to see the impact it makes on our campuses this new year!


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