Reaching Students.

John* walked into our Wednesday Night Live meeting all by himself. He was searching for something. When I approached him, he said he found us through an online search. I was impressed. It’s not too often that someone shows up because they found our website. I introduced him around and invited him to my small group. He showed up…and kept showing up.

Mike speaking @ WNL.

At his first time at small group, I invited the guys to share a small part of their story. They were vulnerable, and shared how God had impacted their lives. When we got to John, he paused for a minute and began to talk about his journey. He told us how he was raised in church, but how he had drifted away. Then COVID hit. He lost touch with all of his friends and started feeling more and more isolated. Then came the depression and anxiety. That’s when he turned back to God. He searched the campus groups website and found Chi Alpha and took a step of faith to join us on a Wednesday night. God met him. It just so happened that our speaker that night was talking about freedom from anxiety. John said, “It was like she was speaking just to me!”

It’s exciting to see John take steps closer to Jesus. He’s only one of many other students who Chi Alpha leaders are walking with. We’re so thankful for how God is interacting with students and how he’s given us an opportunity to be the answer to their prayers.
*name changed

Would you pray with us?

  • That God would continue to draw students closer to him.
  • That our student leaders would experience rest and renewal in the midst of a busy academic season.
  • For key relationships to be built as we look to expand Richmond Chi Alpha’s impact in the metro area.
  • For guidance as we look to secure property for Richmond Chi Alpha near campus.

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