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Like father, like son?

So I’m back into the regular routine–sort of.  Mondays are my day off so I usually like to take a little bit of a longer run while Sam is at school and Levi and Nate are sleeping.  Well, the day got away from me and before I knew it was almost time for school to … Continue reading

Pointing the way

Out running again tonight.  Nothing too strenuous so my mind started to wander into the upcoming semester.  Some of those thoughts filled me with excitement.  A new year brings new relationships, new challenges, a fresh start–good stuff!  But in honesty, there were other thoughts that passed through my mind that weren’t so pleasant.   This … Continue reading

I’ve lost control

I ran (literally) an errand about an hour ago. Little Nate’s nose is a bit stuffy so I volunteered to grab some saline from the store and took the chance to stretch my legs and work off some extra calories (thanks for all the yummy meals Stoddart friends!). While running through the neighborhood, I began … Continue reading