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Life lessons learned in Yucatán

I will always take students on short term mission trips. It’s amazing how the simplest truths become profound when you experience them in a different cultural context. This is exactly what happened on our spring break trip to Yucatán, Mexico. I lead a group of AU Chi Alpha students to work with my brother Dave, … Continue reading

Watch this…

Curt Harlow, XA West Coast area director, and his friends out in California put together this video just in time for the World Missions Summit.  It’s a great reminder why I do, what I do, where I do it.  Enjoy!

The dust clears

It’s been over a month since my last post. It’s hard to believe how fast a month can fly by, but when you’re talking about August (the month student return to DC) I shouldn’t be surprised. Here are a few of the things that went down this month: 14th & 15th – Pre-semester leaders’ retreat … Continue reading

The Negotiator

Sam is a pretty agreeable kid.  He’s fairly obedient (when he happens to be listening) and is a lot of fun to hang out with.  Every now and then, though, he gets his mind set on something and goes to great lengths to get his way.  Sam’s been honing his skills in the art of … Continue reading