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Digging out.

I found something to write about!  20 inches of snow is definitely blog-worthy.  What you’re looking @ is a series of shots I took with my phone over an hour and a half of shoveling–exercise is done for today!  The Volvo is all set for tomorrow’s snow storm.  Another 10 inches are on the way! … Continue reading

Man’s Work?

I like to think that I’m somewhat progressive. I live in Washington, DC. I listen to NPR. I try to avoid words like “mankind,” but every now and then I have an experience that makes me wonder if I’m missing out on some satisfying tradition. I’m a minister. I spend most of my day reading, … Continue reading

It’s so hard to say good-bye

Today we say good-bye to our 1995 Toyota Corolla.  It’s the car that Jen and I bought just a few months before we got married.  I remember agonizing over the cost of the car.  “Could we afford it?”  We tried to sell it when we got into campus ministry, but there were no takers.  That … Continue reading

“New” Wheels for the Godzwas

You’re looking @ the latest in Godzwa transportation! Thanks to a few generous gifts we were able to purchase a 1995 Volvo 850 GLT Station Wagon. It’s not too often that you find a 12 year old car in this good of shape. It had only one previous owner (who obviously had kids – I … Continue reading