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24 on Campus

Here’s a sneak peak @ the 2007 DC Metro Chi Alpha Dinner video.  It’s our take on 24.  A big thank you for Dave Clark, media pastor @ NCC for putting it together.

Praise Overkill?

I’ve been a little light lately in my blogging. The end of the semester is always a bit crazy, but I thought I would pass along an a few pieces pass on by friends. Seems like the news media is very interested in research being done to determine the effects of the self-esteem building tactics … Continue reading

6 minutes of Mexico

We’re back in the states and the trip couldn’t have gone better. For a day by day report check out my brother’s blog. Here’s the video I put together for the report @ our worship meeting this past Thursday. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

Enjoy the music from Sam and the rest of the NCC kids as they celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Merry Christmas from the Godzwas!

For Your Viewing Pleasure…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video of the kids. Here’s Levi (aka “The Tongue”) showing off some of his developing talent and Sam jumping into the fun.