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The hard places…

So I was out running today.  No podcast or music this time, just me and my thoughts.  As I trudged up the New Mexico Ave hill I got a feeling that I’ve had a few times here in DC.  It’s a sense of being established–I’m home. Like I said, I’ve only had it a few … Continue reading

Fun with Levi

I know you’ve been eagerly waiting for a new post.  To reward your faithful refreshing, here’s a few pics of Levi from our visit to the Erb family Christmas.

What a day!

It’s Sunday morning–usually a pretty crazy affair, especially when I’m leading worship @ my church. Sickness causes considerably more craziness. Nate came down with a summer cold late last week and isn’t sleeping too well. That means, you guessed it, everybody’s tired. I prayed a prayer of desperation as Sam and I headed out the … Continue reading

Adventures in Dressing

I left Sam to put his own clothes on this morning. Here’s the result (and yes those are underpants on his head–Wiggles underpants).

Up for air

The first month of the semester has been crazy! I was looking over the blog, and trying to remember the relative calm of the summer. I’m really trying… Anyway, on to the good news. We kicked off the year with a huge welcome week offering of events and we’re slammed with students at every one! … Continue reading

On a lighter note: Sam’s 1st Critic

My first video with the MacBook and iMovieHD. At the beginning of August, we got together with Jen’s family for a small reunion. That always leads to singing! here Emma and Sam perform for a less than appreciative audience. Enjoy!

The buzz is growing…

After I completed my post on the dismissal of affiliated Protestant campus ministries @ Georgetown I did a blog search to see what people are saying. Well, they’re saying a lot. Here is a link to my search results. It gave me 263 results! Feel free to weigh in yourself. Here are a few more … Continue reading

Gone in a instant…Part 2

Now on to something far more serious than a stolen laptop. Last Friday, we were told by our colleagues @ Georgetown University that they and all the other affiliated Protestant campus ministries had been removed from official status as chaplains. It was an unprecedented move brought on “as part of a broad restructuring effort in … Continue reading

Gone in a instant

Last Saturday was a blur. I spent most of the afternoon preparing for a leaders’ meeting and the work went right down to the wire. At 7 pm, the stress gave way to excitement when the first students walked in and we had a great meeting. It was great to be reminded of the honor … Continue reading