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This American Life on a college kick

I was out running through the DC snowpocalypse aftermath this morning with another TAL podcast streaming through my headphones.  This past week’s episode, “#1 Party School.” It’s an eye-opening look @ student drinking @ Penn State–ranked the #1 party school by the Princeton Review. In the last act Ira Glass quotes the statistic, “every year … Continue reading

A must-listen…

So I’m out on my regular mid-morning run listening to one of my favorite podcast, This American Life. This episode was called “Bait and Switch.”  I laughed at the story of the hotel room service that disguised itself as a pizza chain, I became concerned about police tactics that caught 2 do-gooders, but the third … Continue reading


I pass a lot of signs when I run through the neigborhood.  I’ve been listening to podcasts on my new phone (which also has a great camera) so I thought I’d snap a few pictures of a few of them. Notice the use of the quotation marks in the first sign.  I’m not sure what … Continue reading

Celebrating Freedom

In the week we remembered the United States of America gaining independence, I listened to Mars Hill’s podcasts on forgiveness.  Thank you Rob Bell for speaking so eloquently on something that imprisons us far more than taxation without representation.  You can check out the audio here (audio file downloads): Drop the Jawbone Tortured by Books … Continue reading

The hard places…

So I was out running today.  No podcast or music this time, just me and my thoughts.  As I trudged up the New Mexico Ave hill I got a feeling that I’ve had a few times here in DC.  It’s a sense of being established–I’m home. Like I said, I’ve only had it a few … Continue reading

Listen to this…

Those of you who have spent any time with me over the past year or so know that I listen to This American Life a weekly NPR program.  I usually listen when I’m out on a run.  This fall semester has been pretty crazy so I’m catching up on old broadcasts as I get back … Continue reading

Like father, like son?

So I’m back into the regular routine–sort of.  Mondays are my day off so I usually like to take a little bit of a longer run while Sam is at school and Levi and Nate are sleeping.  Well, the day got away from me and before I knew it was almost time for school to … Continue reading

Pointing the way

Out running again tonight.  Nothing too strenuous so my mind started to wander into the upcoming semester.  Some of those thoughts filled me with excitement.  A new year brings new relationships, new challenges, a fresh start–good stuff!  But in honesty, there were other thoughts that passed through my mind that weren’t so pleasant.   This … Continue reading

Safety first

I was out running today.  I was fast.  This route was flatter than yesterday’s, but I imagine it was more likely that I was thinking about the predator on the loose in our neighborhood. Before you get too worried, let me explain.  I received American University emails and our local ABC station reported about the … Continue reading