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Answer to Prayer?

  Every year, the guys from DC Metro Chi Alpha end the fall semester with a retreat.  It’s a pretty simple affair.  We get a place to stay from a Sunday to Tuesday morning.  Sunday is eating and hanging out, Monday is private time with God in the morning, do some exercise in the afternoon … Continue reading

Pointing the way

Out running again tonight.  Nothing too strenuous so my mind started to wander into the upcoming semester.  Some of those thoughts filled me with excitement.  A new year brings new relationships, new challenges, a fresh start–good stuff!  But in honesty, there were other thoughts that passed through my mind that weren’t so pleasant.   This … Continue reading

Safety first

I was out running today.  I was fast.  This route was flatter than yesterday’s, but I imagine it was more likely that I was thinking about the predator on the loose in our neighborhood. Before you get too worried, let me explain.  I received American University emails and our local ABC station reported about the … Continue reading

I’ve been thinking…

It’s been 13 days since my last post. There’s good reason for that. The weather in DC has been amazing! I’ve been outside as often as possible. There were a couple of trips to the pool, some visits with friends, and a lot of running–gotta work off the winter (and spring) weight! All of that … Continue reading

Confusing quotation

I was walking through Friendship Heights yesterday and I ran across this sign. Note the strange use of the quotation marks. When someone was in the process of laying out this 20 foot wide sign for a parking ramp, they made room for the punctuation. What exactly are they trying to say? Maybe they’re pointing … Continue reading

Looking for a chopper?

The travelogue from New York continues.  Needing to grab some batteries for our wireless microphone, I found myself in West Nyack @ the humongous Palisades Center Shopping Mall.  They have an Orange County Chopper Shop (you know the guys on the Discovery Channel who build motorcycles while shouting @ each other) on the top floor. … Continue reading

Coffee Snob?

I’m finally getting a little time to write down some thoughts that have been running through my head for the last month. Part of what has been keeping me going through the crazy end of the semester was coffee. As I’ve been continually refining my brewing process, I found it increasingly difficult to get a … Continue reading

Is this heaven?

In my previous post I mentioned that I was away from home for a few days @ Incite, a XA staff training conference for the Northeast. Incite just happed to be held @ Nyack College in Nyack, NY, just 25 miles north of Yankee Stadium. The schedule also had a little free time that coincided … Continue reading