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I’ve been thinking…

It’s been 13 days since my last post. There’s good reason for that. The weather in DC has been amazing! I’ve been outside as often as possible. There were a couple of trips to the pool, some visits with friends, and a lot of running–gotta work off the winter (and spring) weight! All of that … Continue reading

Confusing quotation

I was walking through Friendship Heights yesterday and I ran across this sign. Note the strange use of the quotation marks. When someone was in the process of laying out this 20 foot wide sign for a parking ramp, they made room for the punctuation. What exactly are they trying to say? Maybe they’re pointing … Continue reading

Gaining “Incite”

I just got back from a 5 day Chi Alpha staff development conference we called “Incite.”  Steven Garber, the author of The Fabric of Faithfulness joined us for two days and talked about putting faith and vocation together.  We had great presentations on developing student leadership and international ministry and God met us during our … Continue reading

Man’s Work?

I like to think that I’m somewhat progressive. I live in Washington, DC. I listen to NPR. I try to avoid words like “mankind,” but every now and then I have an experience that makes me wonder if I’m missing out on some satisfying tradition. I’m a minister. I spend most of my day reading, … Continue reading

Better than Obama

April, a fellow Chi Alpha staffer and witness to my bowling glory sent me this link from the Washington Post.  I had to share it. Ready to Bowl for Day One? Gloating over.  I’ll work on being a bit more humble now.

The Obligatory New Year’s Day Post

Here we are @ the beginning of a new year. 2008. I’m sure if you googled the word “resolution” you’d find millions of entries. For some reason changing of our calendars causes us to recognize our failures and promise to make some changes. Like bug to the zapper, I find myself drawn to the same … Continue reading

I’ve lost control

I ran (literally) an errand about an hour ago. Little Nate’s nose is a bit stuffy so I volunteered to grab some saline from the store and took the chance to stretch my legs and work off some extra calories (thanks for all the yummy meals Stoddart friends!). While running through the neighborhood, I began … Continue reading

On vacation with the Norovirus

The week that had been planned for months was finally here! The van was packed and we were on the road (ahead of schedule!). Our destination: Nana and Pawpaw’s to drop off Sam and Levi and then on for a weekend getaway with Jen to begin our vacation. The traffic was going smoothly as we … Continue reading

Jesus @ the Fountain of Cool

I went running tonight.  This habit of mine typically gets me thinking and many times leads me to praying.  What was I thinking about?  The iPhone.   Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for the better part of the last few days.  Before I went out the door, I found an article declaring  it the “Jesus … Continue reading