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Happy Ash Wednesday?

I overheard a conversation outside my office yesterday.  A student asked the question, “Would I wish someone a Happy Lent?”  That got my mind going.  We wish happiness often: happy birthdays, happy New Years, happy Presidents Day, even happy Monday.  Not a big deal really–just a way to wish someone well or give you something … Continue reading

LEADing LEADers blogathon

Conversations–they can give us new perspective, help us solve a problem, and even begin life-change.  Guy Chmieleski, University Minister @ Belmont University and campus ministry blogger has started some important conversations as a part of his LEADing LEADers blogathon.  As Guy says It’s an opportunity for campus ministers to, “talk together about our call to … Continue reading

Building a Culture of Discipleship

I presented this for the Potomac District Assemblies of God ministers @ District Council this week.  Due to the nature of the content I thought it would be good to provide an opportunity to give it a second hearing.  You can read the entire content below.  Be sure to leave a comment–I’d love to get … Continue reading

Digging out.

I found something to write about!  20 inches of snow is definitely blog-worthy.  What you’re looking @ is a series of shots I took with my phone over an hour and a half of shoveling–exercise is done for today!  The Volvo is all set for tomorrow’s snow storm.  Another 10 inches are on the way!

This American Life on a college kick

I was out running through the DC snowpocalypse aftermath this morning with another TAL podcast streaming through my headphones.  This past week’s episode, “#1 Party School.” It’s an eye-opening look @ student drinking @ Penn State–ranked the #1 party school by the Princeton Review. In the last act Ira Glass quotes the statistic, “every year … Continue reading

A must-listen…

So I’m out on my regular mid-morning run listening to one of my favorite podcast, This American Life. This episode was called “Bait and Switch.”  I laughed at the story of the hotel room service that disguised itself as a pizza chain, I became concerned about police tactics that caught 2 do-gooders, but the third … Continue reading

Celebrating Freedom

In the week we remembered the United States of America gaining independence, I listened to Mars Hill’s podcasts on forgiveness.  Thank you Rob Bell for speaking so eloquently on something that imprisons us far more than taxation without representation.  You can check out the audio here (audio file downloads): Drop the Jawbone Tortured by Books … Continue reading

In print

The new National Chi Alpha Newsletter hit my mailbox today and an article I wrote on Pentecostal campus ministry is the cover story.  If you’d like to take a look click here.  You’ll need the latest edition of Adobe Reader to view it.  Let me know what you think.