Big news from the Godzwas

The FamilyIn January 1999, our family (just Jen and I at the time) moved into a tiny basement apartment in the AU Park neighborhood to join the newly formed DC Chi Alpha teamThat was the beginning of an incredible journey of ministry in our nation’s capital. Our role was to establish campus ministry at American University, a place where no evangelical ministry existed and was once described as a campus ministry graveyard. This year we celebrated our fifteenth year anniversary of ministry in DC and God has done far more than we could have ever hoped for. We’ve seen an incredible Jesus centered community established at AU where hundreds of students have met and grown closer to God. We witnessed many of those same students become trained as discipleship leaders, guiding their peers deeper in faith and taking those skills into the marketplace and around the world. God has done a significant work through Chi Alpha at American University.

Four years ago, as many of you know, we joined the National Community Church staff to lead the Georgetown location as Campus Pastors. But you may not know that we had been volunteers since we moved to the area and National Community Church has always supported Chi Alpha on campus!  

Serving in the role of Campus Pastors was an amazing opportunity to bring the best of university ministry and the local church together and enable both communities to learn and grow side by side. We’ve been blessed to work with an incredible NCC staff and minister to a loving and talented congregation. We’ve loved what we’re doing, where we’re doing it and who we’re doing it with!

This summer, however, we got a sense that God was moving us into a new season. After listening to God and some trusted friends, we believe He’s guiding us to a different capital, Richmond, Virginia.

At the end of the month we’ll leave our adopted hometown to set off on a new ministry challenge. We’ll work with Chi Alpha and partner strategically with Commonwealth Chapel, a growing church in the heart the city, to see campus ministry grow in Richmond and expanded to all the major universities in the area. We will also seek to establish a training center to see more young adults pursue the call of God to reach the strategic urban campus with the world changing message of the gospel. We’re thrilled with the opportunity there and we’ve seen God’s confirmation at every turn.

It’s not easy to leave a place where we’ve established strong roots, but we’re confident in the continued ministry here. Blane Young, who interned with us several years ago and has since been a key staff member at AU Chi Alpha will be the next director, in effect this month. With the dedicated staff team of Natalie Hill, Kevin Kusunoki and Becca Pugh, and an amazing team of student leaders, we believe Chi Alpha will expand its influence and increase it’s impact. We’re also confident that God’s blessing is on National Community Church and it will continue to affect the Georgetown neighborhood and the DC area with God’s love and His message of hope.

Finally, Jen, Sam, Levi, Nate and I want to say thank you. Thank you to all the members of the DC Chi Alpha team. You shaped us in ministry and helped us discover who God created us to be. Thanks to National Community Church for being a place of connection for our family to God and others and inviting us to expand our ministry skill by pastoring in Georgetown. And finally, thank you to all those who have supported us so faithfully in prayer and financially for so many years. We’ll be contacting you personally and pray you’ll remain our ministry partners as we transition to Richmond.

Our hearts our full — full of gratitude for what God’s done and full of hope for what’s He’s going to bring. We know it’s going to be better than we could ask for our imagine.


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