Thank God…seriously.

I know, I know, it seems so cliché to thank God on Thanksgiving, but as I was thinking through the year on my run this morning, I couldn’t help myself.  These last 11 months have been amazing.  Here are a just few reasons why:

  1. God’s faithfulness to our family.  Last year at this time we were dealing with an overwhelming schedule and coming to terms with Levi being on the autistic spectrum.  We’ve been amazed by the overwhelming support from family & friends, medical professionals and, yes, DC Public Schools.  You’ve provided much needed perspective and made a difference in all of us.
  2. We get to work with passionate, generous and talented people. Every day, both on campus with Chi Alpha and in the city with National Community Church, we get to be on mission with incredible, hard-working people who encourage us and challenge us to stay purposeful and to be our best.  We love doing with we’re doing with the team we’re doing it with!
  3. We’ve got an awesome group of supporters.  Some of you may not be aware, but we’re able to live and work in one of the most expensive cities in the world because there are more than 100 friends and churches who invest in our our work every month.  Thanks.  There’s no way we could do what we do without your generous and faithful giving–it’s huge.
  4. Increase. God has increased every aspect of our ministry over the past year.  We’ve increased the number of staff on our campus ministry team and ministry volunteers @ NCC Georgetown.  We’ve increased our ministry offerings with more outreach in NW DC and intentional international ministry through XA international @ American university and we seen our community increase in both our NCC location and on campus.  Basically, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude with the lives God has entrusted us with.

There you go–I just had to share this with somebody.  I hope God fills your Thanksgiving with reminders of His blessing that will overflow into the rest of the year!

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