LEADing LEADers blogathon

Conversations–they can give us new perspective, help us solve a problem, and even begin life-change.  Guy Chmieleski, University Minister @ Belmont University and campus ministry blogger has started some important conversations as a part of his LEADing LEADers blogathon.  As Guy says It’s an opportunity for campus ministers to, “talk together about our call to be leaders, leaders among leaders, leaders of leaders and leaders who can identify, encourage and equip young leaders — as well as all of the challenges, joys, tensions and fruit we experience within this call.”

The blogathon is on for the next 3 days and it’s definitely worth a look.  There are 4 posts up already from the likes of Tim Elmore, president of Growing Leaders, Barbara Miller, director of spiritual life @ Biola University and there’s even one from me.  I’m humbled to be included in this group and I’m looking forward to being a part of the conversation that it facilitates.  Take a look and be sure to add your voice.

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