Here We Go!

110 ft above the Quad on a carnival slide @ an AU Welcome Week Party

AU Year number 13 for the Godzwas is off and running! Freshmen arrived on campus last Saturday and we’ve been there to welcome them morning, noon & night. This year we scheduled a huge slate of activities from move-in to glow-in-the-dark lawn games and they’ve been a huge hit. We’ve been in contact with a record number of freshmen and are hearing some great buzz around campus about Chi Alpha. In fact, this has probably been Chi Alpha’s best opening week yet. There are a couple of reasons for this:


1. An all-in commitment. From staff to student leaders everyone has shown up. The majority of our small group leaders arrived before the freshmen to pray, plan, and prepare for the new year. When our events kicked off, they’ve been there to pull them off, but more importantly, they’ve been there to make connections with new students. AUXA leaders have been amazing!

2. Visibility. Our new t-shirts, designed by GMU XA staffer, Dan Choe incredibly cool! Our leaders snapped them up quick. Because we had an enormous inventory of old t-shirts (some dating back 6 years) we gave them a special offer, buy a new shirt, get a retro shirt for free. The result was XA shirts everywhere! I’ve overheard several conversations on campus about how Chi Alpha seems to be all over the place.  Thanks to our new CMIT Blane Young, we’ve also ramped up our social media and web visibility.  Check out and like our new AU Chi Alpha Facebook page and help us out!

3. Significant connections. In years past, many of the relationships that were started during our opening week seemed to fade when classes started. This year we focused on getting students in small groups and I think it’s going to make a huge difference. As we meet to discuss follow-up not only are most new students known, but they’ve also plugged into a small group. That will translate good welcome week events into a transformational semester through focused discipleship–awesome.

4. The Holy Spirit. Every morning our leadership team has gathered to worship and seek God on behalf of the students we’re trying to reach. His power has been evident in our focused mission, effectiveness in building relationship, and our joy while serving long hours.

To sum in all up, it’s been an amazing week! Please keep praying for us as we continue to reach out to the students God is passionately pursuing. I know He has some great things in store for them.

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