Taking the Break Out of Spring Break

Spring semester is always tough. The Christmas break just doesn’t seem long enough, and the academic pace is always intense. When midterms hit things can be close to a breaking point. Sounds like a perfect time for a vacation–not for AU Chi Alpha! We’re going to be on mission.

It started in 2002 and it’s become a tradition. That nine year streak will remain unbroken as two teams prepare to serve in Harlem, NYC and Yucatan, Mexico. The New York team will work again with the Dream Center, a ministry serving the city by coming alongside other organizations to meet neighborhood needs and share the gospel through word and action. In the Yucatan, we’ll be working with my brother Dave as he assists a pastor in pioneering a church in an unreached area. I’m excited to help build the church building while we build it’s reputation as a community that loves people!

We leave in 3 days! Will you pray for us? We need strength to give to others after a hectic month. We need to be filled with love to get over ourselves and bridge cultural gaps and we need safety and protection in our travel and while we’re on site.

Thanks! I can’t wait to share what God does through our teams. We’ve had amazing experiences for the past 9 years and I expect that streak will continue too.

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