The provision of God in a global recession

As money gets tight everywhere I’m finding that God has some interesting ways of providing for our needs.  Here are a couple of them:


  1. Free parking – After coming home from an evening with friends, we left our car parked in rush hour zone.  The next day, Jen remembered @ 8:30 am–1 1/2 hour after it was supposed to be moved.  I ran outside as fast as I could expecting a big ticket and a tow, instead the car was right where we left it, ticket free!
  2. Free phone – I’ve been excited about the release of Palm’s new smartphone for 6 months–so excited in fact that I was first in line for it on June 6th when it came out in stores.  The only issue was that smartphones aren’t cheap.  I’ll spare you all the details, but after all of Sprint’s upgrade discounts and rebates, not only was my new phone free, but I got $25 out of the deal.  Not bad!
  3. An unexpected gift – At the end of last month our missionary account was looking low.  As I was praying for provision, I was starting to think of how we could get by on less.  At the last possible moment, an anonymous donor gave us a $2,000 gift!  AMAZING!

These are just a couple of ways God has shown his faithfulness to us as we serve Him.  We’re continuing to pray for his provision.  We’ve lost a number of our financial partners due to economic hardships, and with the rising costs of living in Washington, DC with growing boys, our resources are at their limit.  For those of you who are part of our team, I want to say thanks.  Your commitment to God and to us is humbling.  We couldn’t do what we’re doing without you.

If you’re not yet on the team, would you consider becoming a part?  You can click the “Support the Godzwas” link for all the info you need to get started.  Together we’re reaching students, training leaders and influencing nations.

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