Gentle reminder

levi-daddyLevi’s been a little clingy lately. Jen’s been bearing the brunt of the attachment, but when we’re in a crowd, he’ll cling to the most familiar hand, arm, or leg he can find. The Sunday morning crowd @ NCC sent Levi into my arms. He must have been pretty comfortable there because that’s where he stayed during until the singing was over.

So there I was, singing about the Spirit flooding my thirsty heart, with Levi arms wrapped around my shoulders and his head tucked under my chin. That’s when I got an overwhelming sense of God’s presence. It was as if He was reminding me of the warmth, safety, and rest He’s been longing to provide for me. In that moment, I could feel my spirit being renewed; my prayer for refreshing being answered. I hugged Levi closer and savored the moment.

My prayer is that you experience the embrace of our Heavenly Father filling your soul as you begin this new week. May you hear His voice as He speaks your language. A gentle reminder that He is near and that He always will be.

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