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talThose of you who have spent any time with me over the past year or so know that I listen to This American Life a weekly NPR program.  I usually listen when I’m out on a run.  This fall semester has been pretty crazy so I’m catching up on old broadcasts as I get back into my fitness routine.  Today on my 4 miler, I listened to the episode entitled “Ground Game”.  It was broadcast the week before the election and it followed campaign workers from both parties as they canvased the political battle-ground (and my home state) of Pennsylvania.  

As I listened, I was amazed by the passion of the volunteers from both sides.  It wasn’t too long until I made the obvious connection to what I’m called by God to do.  Am I that passionate about the kingdom that Jesus revealed?  God speaks to us through so many different ways.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen.  I’ve been convicted, challenged, and inspired to get the word out about Jesus.  Thanks Ira (host of This American Life) for being the voice of God in my life today.

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