Like father, like son?

family resemblance?

family resemblance?

So I’m back into the regular routine–sort of.  Mondays are my day off so I usually like to take a little bit of a longer run while Sam is at school and Levi and Nate are sleeping.  Well, the day got away from me and before I knew it was almost time for school to end.  I figured out a great compromise.  I’d just run and finish up @ the front door of Sam’s school. Then we’d enjoy a leisurely walk home–perfect!

I didn’t have much time for a long run, but I decided to push the pace of my four miler.  Down I went into Georgetown at a pretty good clip, but by the time I hit Canal Rd, I was feeling the effects of my August running hiatus (or maybe it was the heat from the mid-day sun, along with the car exhaust and my dark shirt–what was I thinking?).   It was an uphill climb for the last 15 minutes of my run and by the time I arrived @ Stoddert Elementary, I was spent.  Thankfully I had that cool down walk ahead of me.

“We’re walking home!” I exclaimed as I met Sam at the door of his classroom.  Sam had a better idea.  “Let’s run!”  I said ok thinking he’d last for a block or two–he ran the whole way home!  It’s a mile from his school to our apartment and it’s all uphill.  At one particularly steep point, when I was sure he would stop, I slowed down to a walk–Sam sprinted past me!  I guess I better get myself back into shape soon.  Looks like running is in Sam’s future.  Anybody know where I can find some cheap running shoes–kid’s size 11?

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