Sharing the joy…spreading the gospel?

It could be the key for reaching Spain

It could be the key for reaching Spain

Look closely @ what Shawn is holding.  Yes, that is a cup of espresso.  Those of you who know my friend and fellow missionary know how amazing this picture is.  Shawn doesn’t drink coffee.  You could probably put Shawn into the anti-coffee category.  During break times @ out of town conferences, when most of us would hunt for the local coffee shop, Shawn would search for tea (if you thought finding good coffee was hard…).  

“So”, you ask, “why the sudden change? Why is Shawn drinking espresso?!!” It can only be explained by calling.  Shawn is in the process of finishing up his budget to pioneer student ministry in Spain.  And Spain, like the rest of Europe is espresso crazy.  A few months ago he wrote about the possibility of exploring the world of espresso as a relationship building tool.  I’ve been eager to brew a cup for him ever since.  Earlier this month, Shawn made a quick trip back to DC to pick up his family’s Spanish visas.  The fact that he received them so easily was a minor miracle.  It was something to celebrate.  A perfect time to raise a double shot of espresso!  While I wouldn’t say he enjoyed it, Shawn did manage to drink almost all of the 2 oz I gave him.  I imagine he’ll be throwing back café cortados (espresso with a dash of milk) as a part of his morning routine in no time.  Who knows…it may be the key to reaching Spain for Jesus.  At any rate, I’m happy to help my friend with the enculturation process.  Shawn, you’ll be in my prayers every time I fire up my espresso machine.

3 thoughts on “Sharing the joy…spreading the gospel?

  1. But Sean wasn’t just drinking your garden variety espresso. He was drinking the home roasted, Sweet Maria’s Monkey Blend, freshly ground and brewed to exacting specifications, clearly the product of seminary level baristas.

  2. Thanks for noticing. If you expand the photo to full size you can see the telltale signs of a good shot. That’s quality espresso! I just hope I haven’t set the bar too high 😉

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