Safety first

Your favorite song can wait

Your favorite song can wait

I was out running today.  I was fast.  This route was flatter than yesterday’s, but I imagine it was more likely that I was thinking about the predator on the loose in our neighborhood.

Before you get too worried, let me explain.  I received American University emails and our local ABC station reported about the situation yesterday.  There have been 4 incidents of sexual assault a few blocks away from our apartment over the past few weeks.  It’s probably the same guy. He’s preying on women walking by themselves.

I was out after dark for my regular run, not too concerned, but I did notice my pace was considerably faster as I neared the spot of the attack (it was actually had my fastest 3 mile time since February–maybe I was concerned).  I made another observation tonight.  I passed 3 women, walking or running by themselves, with headphones in their ears.  The sidewalk was narrow when I ran by one of these ladies.  It was obvious by her reaction that I startled her.  She didn’t notice me until I was right next to her.  Maybe she was oblivious to the news, maybe she’s just passionate about music, but I have 2 words of advice for my fellow runner: be careful.  I know how motivating your favorite song can be when you’re chugging up the hills of DC, but after dark, please leave your iPod @ home.  Trust me–you’ll be a whole lot safer and this 34 year old runner won’t raise your blood pressure either.

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