What a day!

It’s Sunday morning–usually a pretty crazy affair, especially when I’m leading worship @ my church. Sickness causes considerably more craziness. Nate came down with a summer cold late last week and isn’t sleeping too well. That means, you guessed it, everybody’s tired. I prayed a prayer of desperation as Sam and I headed out the door for early morning worship practice (the rest of the family was staying home), “help!”

What a morning! Practice went off without a hitch and worship was amazing (the Ballston worship team is the greatest!). We were doing the song “Everything” by Tim Hughes–powerful! During the sermon, as I was reflecting on the favor of God, I got a text message (sorry Pastor Mark). It was from a former Chi Alphan who had 2 extra tickets to that afternoon’s Nationals game. Can you say quality time? Sam and I made a quick change @ home after church and headed for the ballpark.

We had great seats! Right on the first base line…and in direct sunlight. It was hot! At one point Sam was lying on the ground between the seats trying to find shade. “Daddy, I’m really, really thirsty and really, really sweaty!” But despite the conditions (don’t call child protective services, the clouds gave us shade through most of the game) we persevered for 12 innings of baseball. Man, were we rewarded! Nationals’ second baseman, Ronnie Belliard (batting a dismal .210) hit a walk-off home run to end the game! And to top it off, Sam got a chance to run the bases (after braving a phalanx of mascots). Below are a bunch of photos from our incredible day. The moral of the story? I guess a bad start doesn’t determine the outcome of your day…and prayers are powerful things.

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