The Negotiator

imga0371.jpgSam is a pretty agreeable kid.  He’s fairly obedient (when he happens to be listening) and is a lot of fun to hang out with.  Every now and then, though, he gets his mind set on something and goes to great lengths to get his way.  Sam’s been honing his skills in the art of negotiation.  Yesterday he was at his finest.

Every year for Family Weekend @ AU we host a breakfast for all of the Chi Alpha parents.  This year Jen graciously decided to bake the bulk of the breakfast items.  I was up early with the kids in the morning and a tray of blueberry muffins were sitting on the counter, right about eye level for Sam.  He noticed.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Sam: “Daddy, can I have a blueberry muffin?”

Me: “Sorry you can’t have one now Sam.  We need to save these for our guests today.”

Sam: “But Daddy, I want a muffin.”

Me: “You can have one, you’ll just need to wait awhile.”

Sam: “Daddy, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Me: “Well, I want a muffin too, but I need to wait, just like you do.”

Sam: “I just want to hear a little bit of yes.”

A little bit of yes…talk about tugging the heartstrings.  I almost caved, but mustering up my parental fortitude, I held firm.  Hopefully I didn’t show too many signs of weakness.  I’ve got to find out what they’re teaching him at school.

One thought on “The Negotiator

  1. Aaahh – my eyes watered up on that one . . .. But if our kids could only ask more “yes” kind of questions . . . it would make our job soooo much easier 😉


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