Gone in a instant…Part 2

Now on to something far more serious than a stolen laptop. Last Friday, we were told by our colleagues @ Georgetown University that they and all the other affiliated Protestant campus ministries had been removed from official status as chaplains. It was an unprecedented move brought on “as part of a broad restructuring effort in the Office of Campus Ministry, which has altered its organizational structure in the hopes of creating a strong Protestant ministry within the campus.” There was no opportunity for our Chi Alpha to discuss the change or even be fully informed of the reasons for it. They were simply dismissed.

I’m asking you, as faithful supporters of campus ministry, to pray. Pray for a miracle of a change in thinking amongst the Georgetown administration or for an open door to reach students in an unconventional way. Pray for Shawn and Deb Galyen and Karen Keyser ministers @ Georgetown’s undergraduate campus and Sally Herman, minister @ the medical school, as they discern God’s will. And finally, pray for the hundreds of students disenfranchised by this decision. Pray that they would not be discouraged as they continue to follow after Jesus and make His love known @ Georgetown.

One more thing. If you or anyone you know is connected to Georgetown directly or otherwise, please contact me by clicking the contact link to the right. We are starting a letter writing campaign to protest this injustice and we could use you help. Click on the hyperlinks to read the letter written by the University Protestant Chaplain and news stories from the campus paper, the Washington Times and the Washington Post.


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