Gone in a instant

Last Saturday was a blur. I spent most of the afternoon preparing for a leaders’ meeting and the work went right down to the wire. At 7 pm, the stress gave way to excitement when the first students walked in and we had a great meeting. It was great to be reminded of the honor it is to serve God and be a part of changing the world through college students! After the meeting was over, I spent time catching up with our leaders and then cleaning up. That’s when I noticed something interesting. Something was missing.

Before the meeting I purchased three 12 packs of soda. They were on sale so I figured I would pick some up for this meeting and be covered for at least 1 more. I opened them up and set them by the pizza we had ordered and I went on with the rest of what we were doing. Well, by the end of our event, I was thirsty, so I went looking for the leftover soda and I couldn’t find it. Sure we had a decent size group, 20 or so leaders, but I couldn’t imagine going through 36 cans in 2 hours! I started searching and I came up empty. Still confused i returned to my office (which I had l left a few minutes before searching for the soda) and I noticed something else missing. Something far more valuable. My laptop was stolen! Needless to say I was in shock and I think I still am. I had that computer for more than 3 year and carted it around with me everywhere. It was my little digital friend (of which I have a few). As I ran around the office in a panic, I began to realized the damage that was done. All of my summer’s work vanished. All of the Bible studies I was working on were gone. All of the artwork, website and administrative material I created over the last few months was gone.

Well, why am I smiling in this picture you ask. I’ll tell you. I’m writing this blog on my new computer. I purchased a brand new MacBook with the money from my insurance and emergency funds from the Potomac District of the Assemblies of God (thanks Keith!). In fact, I took the picture with it’s built in camera. It’s pretty spiffy. i resisted the switch for a long time, but now that i can run any program I want on it Mac or Windows, I was sold.

Lessons learned:

1. Back-up your files!!!!
2. Buy a security cable lock (I picked one up with this purchase).
3. Don’t cry over stolen soda, you might just lose something more valuable.
4. Finally, God really does work all things for the good, and He usually does it in partnership with good friends.


One thought on “Gone in a instant

  1. I’m so sorry your computer was stolen, especially since you had done so much work!! You will enjoy your new digital friend, though (we call them babies in our house). They’re so fast.

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