Are the stories about Jesus in the back of the book?

Last Thursday I was reminded of why I do campus ministry. After our service was over, I was talking with students and making a point of trying to connect with the ones I didn’t know. Lacey, a bubbly, outgoing freshman from Missouri introduced me to her roommate. They couldn’t be more opposite! She is shy, quiet, and Japanese. She also wanted a Bible. As quickly as I could, I ran into the office and snapped up an NIV Bible and a Japanese New Testament both provided by an Assemblies of God program called Light-for-the-Lost. When I gave them to her, she clutched them to her chest in appreciation. These are the first Bibles she has ever read!

I also met a girl from Brookland, NY. She was hanging out with the rest of the group and looked so comfortable I thought she was already a part of Chi Alpha. When I asked her what she thought of the meeting, she said, “It was different, I’m not really used to this kind of spirituality.” I found out that this was her first time in Chi Alpha and she had never even been to church. When I asked her if she wanted a Bible she gave me a look as if she was hoping I would ask. As she accepted her first Bible she asked, “Are the stories of Jesus in the back of the book?” I showed where she could read about Jesus praying to myself that those stories would transform her life.

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